Pink Slips Bayview

Bayview car owners need a trusted and top-rated mechanic to handle their pink slips inspection. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we have a proven track record of providing only the best automotive repair and service. We have over 25 years of experience that helps us in making our workmanship consistent through the years. All of these experiences are also used to ensure that every car service and repair we do results in 100% customer satisfaction.

The Number 1 Mechanic in Bayview

We are the top-rated car inspection provider in Bayview and the whole of the Northern Beaches region due to our dedicated and professional mechanics. Each of them holds a motor vehicle repairer’s licence from NSW Fair Trading. This licence comes after completing the required Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology courses and more than 3-4 years of apprenticeship. This requirement is a safeguard to ensure that only the best and most qualified car service mechanics are working on vehicles plying the roads of NSW.

Pink Slip Inspection

Cars that are more than five years old are required to have pink slips before they are registered. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, our mechanics are qualified to do this vehicle inspection. The goal of this car service is to determine whether the more-than-five-year-old vehicle is still fit to be driven. This slip has 42 days after it was issued before state agencies decline its use.

Process of a Pink Slip Mechanic Inspection

Our Northern Beaches mechanics follow a rigid approach to ensure the roadworthiness of cars that need a pink slip inspection. An eSafety Check usually lasts for around 30 minutes at Peninsula Auto Clinic. During those minutes, our mechanic conducts a brake efficiency test and inspects the driveline and engine leaks, as well as the suspension, engine and exhaust system. He also assesses the car’s electrical components like the dash lights, headlights and interior lights. Lastly, he ensures that there is no damage to the car’s body.

Cost of eSafety Car Inspection

In NSW, the average car service costs around $150 to $240, depending on the type of vehicle inspection to be done. This price can go up or down depending on the needed repairs or replacements discovered during the inspection.

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Cars should be taken care of like it is a member of the family. It needs regular visits to the mechanic to ensure that every bit of its body is working properly, especially when taking it for a long drive. To experience why we are named as the number one mechanic for pink slips in Bayview, contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now!