Pink Slips Collaroy

Collaroy is a northeastern residential Sydney suburb known for its beaches. Its beach forms part of the 3.4-kilometre surf beach together with Narrabeen Beach. This Northern Sydney suburb is also home to the Salvation Army’s largest conference and outdoor education centre. Car owners in the area trust only Peninsula Auto Clinic for any kind of car service and repair. We offer services like brake maintenance and repair, automatic transmission repair and car inspection for pink slips.

Highly Qualified and Transparent Northern Beaches Mechanic

For services like pink slip inspections, only a transparent and the most competent mechanic should be trusted. Car inspections are carried out to ensure the roadworthiness of the vehicle. To assure that the car checked is at its tip-top shape, our car service involves our mechanic checking for every part of the car. But assessment should not be left in the hands of just some mechanic. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, each of our mechanics holds a motor vehicle tradesperson’s certificate. This certificate means that they have fulfilled the requirements needed to be legally working as a mechanic in NSW. NSW Fair Trading requires would-be mechanics to finish the Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and the Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology courses plus the needed apprenticeship. These requirements ensure that every mechanic working on your car has the know-how in dealing with common mechanical work.

Pink Slip Car Inspection

Cars in NSW that are five years and older are required to prove their roadworthiness. A pink slip inspection, or eSafety Check, is the perfect car service in this case. In this vehicle inspection, our mechanics conduct a thorough assessment of every major part of the car. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, our eSafety Check process involves our Northern Beaches mechanics doing a brake efficiency test, checking the vehicle’s electrical components and assessing tyre quality and tread depth. A pink-coloured slip is handed by our mechanic once the car is deemed roadworthy.

Vehicle Repair

More than five-year-old vehicles that did not pass the eSafety Check or Pink Slips inspection should not be worried. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, our mechanics are always ready to help address any car issue. We specialise in checking brake efficiency, car battery replacement, exhaust repair and tyre replacement and repair

Cost of Car Service

High car service cost is one reason why car owners do not frequently bring their vehicle for car inspection. We understand this dilemma and made it our mission to provide high-quality mechanic inspection and repair at an affordable price. Across Sydney, the estimated cost for a vehicle inspection ranges between $150 and $240. The price may drop or increase depending on the car inspection type and the size of the vehicle.

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