Pink Slips Palm Beach

Palm Beach car owners no longer need to search outside their area for a dependable inspection for pink slips. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we have spent more than two decades perfecting how we deal with essential car repairs and services. It is why we are the number 1 car mechanic in Mona Vale and the rest of Sydney’s Northern Beaches region for years. 

Trusted and Highly Qualified Northern Beaches Mechanic in Palm Beach

Owning a car is like taking care of your child. It needs nurturing and proper care. And just like taking care of your baby, you only trust a highly recommended and trusted mechanic to oversee its repair or service. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we ensure that every individual who handles a vehicle for repair or service is trained and experienced to do so. Each member of our team holds a tradesperson’s certificate on motor vehicle repair. It means that they completed the Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology courses. On top of completing those training, they have also undergone over 3-4 years of apprenticeship to gain real-world experience in mechanic work.

Pink Slip Inspection

Also called eSafety Check, a Pink Slip car inspection is required for vehicles over five years old. This service thoroughly assesses each part of the vehicle to deem its roadworthiness. For this mechanic inspection, our process includes a brake efficiency test, assessment of the electrical components and driveline and engine. Our Mona Vale mechanics also inspects the car’s tyre quality and tread depth, as well as suspension and exhaust. The pink slip is issued after ensuring that the car is roadworthy. It is valid for 42 days for use in registering a more than five-year-old car. When a vehicle fails a pink slip inspection, our mechanics are more than willing to help deal with needed repairs or replacements. With our over two decades in the business, we have proven to locals in Palm Beach and surrounding suburbs our capability to provide high standard repairs.

Cost of Car Service

The cost associated with a car service is one of the major driving factors in taking a vehicle to a mechanic. We, at Peninsula Auto Clinic, understand this and have made measures for our clients to easily understand the money they are expected to shell out for a vehicle inspection. For those wondering how much a car inspection costs at Peninsula Auto Clinic and other mechanic shops in Sydney, here are some estimated prices. Car owners should expect to spend about $150 to $240 for this service. However, prices may fluctuate or go down depending on the kind of service and/or the size of the car. For example, a mechanic inspection of a Ford sedan with 15,000 kilometres mileage will cost around $270 while a Toyota sedan will cost a little lower at $170.

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No car owner should settle for a cheap car service that does not provide a transparent assessment of the state of the vehicle. For a trusted and highly qualified mechanic specialising in issuing pink slips in Palm Beach, contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now!