Subaru Mechanic Duffys Forest

Duffys Forest is a suburb in Sydney’s Northern Beaches area. Peninsula Auto Clinic is their preferred Subaru mechanic whenever they need a car service or repair. We have been in the business for over two decades and have remained committed to providing the highest quality mechanic work in this side of Sydney.

A Certified Mona Vale Subaru Mechanic with 25 Plus Years of Experience

Experience makes it easier for professionals to carry out their work. In the case of our Northern Beaches mechanics, it has equipped them with real-world mechanical work experience. Besides their experience, all Peninsula Auto Clinic mechanics have completed the Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and the Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology courses to gain knowledge on the basics of mechanical work. They have also completed over three to four years of experience before being issued a license. All these rigid requirements are set to ensure that only a qualified mechanic is working on your Subaru car.

Vehicle Inspection

Roadworthy cars need regular checkups by qualified mechanics. A car inspection usually consists of a mechanic performing a thorough inspection of the different parts of the car. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we offer two types of car service. A minor service is where our Northern Beaches mechanics inspect the car’s battery, wipers and windscreen and air conditioner. For major car service, it involves assessing the engine including the external engine belt, coolant system, tyre pressure and wheel bearing.

eSafety Check 

Regular service is more important for Subaru cars older than five years old. It is the reason why we offer an eSafety Check inspection, or more popularly known as the pink slip service. This vehicle inspection is designed to ensure that an aging vehicle is still fit to be driven. In a pink slip inspection, we conduct a brake efficiency test as well as check for driveline and engine leaks, the integrity of the car body and tyre quality. In any case that the car did not pass the inspection, our mechanics can help with the needed repair or replacement for it to be deemed roadworthy.

Cost of Car Service

Concerns over the cost of car service are usually the number one reason car owners opt not to have their vehicles regularly serviced. The estimated average cost for a mechanic inspection is between $150 and $240 but it still depends on what type of service and the state of the car. For example, owners should expect to spend around $50-$150 for a wheel alignment service but it is still depending on the car’s size while those who need to have their car’s air conditioner checked will shell out an estimated $120 to $1400.

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While some car owners think that a car inspection is another expense, it is a great investment in keeping you and your passengers safe. For a highly capable and recommended Subaru mechanic in Duffys Forest, contact Peninsula Auto Clinic today!