Avalon Suspension Service

Avalon is a northern beachside suburb in Sydney. Part of the Northern Beaches region, it is home to a popular surfing beach, the Avalon Beach, and a 25-metre saltwater rock pool located at the southmost of the beach. A mixed residential neighbourhood, it is also home to several bowling and sailing clubs, a golf club and numerous shops, cafes and offices. Avalon car owners have trusted Peninsula Auto Clinic for all their car service and repair needs for over 25 years. We cater to all car brands and models, offering a variety of services, including car battery replacement, suspension service, automatic transmission service and exhaust service.

Number 1 Suspension Repair Shop

In over two decades in the business, we have remained the trusted suspension repair shop for locals of Avalon and surrounding areas due to our team of licensed mechanics. Each of them holds a motor vehicle tradesperson’s certificate from NSW Fair Trading. It means that they have completed the required training courses – Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology and an additional more than 3-4 years of relevant mechanic work experience through an apprenticeship. 

Car Suspension Check

The suspension system allows for a comfortable and safe ride all the time. This system influences many aspects of driving a vehicle. It is responsible for reducing the effect shock forces on the car, controlling the vehicle’s direction and maintaining correct wheel alignment at all times. A car suspension check is needed to make sure that every component of this car part is working as it should. By choosing to have your suspension check up at Peninsula Auto Clinic, you are guaranteed the credibility of our car suspension repair mechanics when they deem it roadworthy.

When to Bring Your Car for Suspension Check Up

It is easy to tell when the car’s suspension system needs assessment and repair. The vehicle angling forward or nosediving, slight or significant drifting when turning on corners, bouncy car drive and overall less smooth drive are some common signs that it is time to bring the vehicle to a “car suspension check near me.”

Suspension Repair and Service Cost

In NSW, a suspension repair and service costs about $150 to $1,000 depending on the needed repairs and replacement. This cost covers the assessment done by qualified mechanics who go through every component of the car’s suspension system. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we make sure to be transparent to our clients and first disclose the needed repairs and/or replacements before proceeding with the work.

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Having a roadworthy car makes drives more fun and enjoyable. For a trusted and highly recommended mechanic specialising in suspension service in Avalon, contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now!