Bayview Suspension Service

Bayview is one of the many suburbs in Sydney’s Northern Beaches region. A predominantly residential area, car owners in this community only come to Peninsula Auto Clinic when they need an expert mechanic. With over two decades in the industry, we have proven our capability of providing the best automotive service in this side of Sydney. We offer a variety of services, including automatic transmission service, car battery replacement and service and suspension service.

Experienced Licensed Mechanics Specialising in Car Suspension Check

At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we believe that the combination of experience and knowledge goes a long way in offering the highest level of automotive work and customer service. It is why we always make sure that each member of our team is licensed by NSW Fair Trading. Aspiring mechanics in the state need the meet the requirements for an NSW mechanic licence. He must undergo the Certificate II in Automotive Studies course to gain basic knowledge of automotive work. Then, he needs to take the Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology to understand the essentials when repairing light vehicles like cars and motorcycles. He also needs to finish more than 3-4 years of apprenticeship to have the experience to be the best mechanic.

Suspension Check Up

A properly working suspension system makes every drive a smooth experience. Regular suspension check ups are needed to achieve this. In this car service, a qualified mechanic inspects every bit and piece of the vehicle’s suspension system. This car suspension check ensures that the vehicle is roadworthy and guarantees that no unexpected accidents or car breakdowns will occur.

Different Parts Checked During Shock Repair and Check Up

Every car owner needs to know how the car’s suspension system works to understand the importance of routine check-ups at a trusted suspension repair shop. The system is composed of coil springs, shock absorbers and joints/bearings, among other components. The coil spring is responsible for absorbing the impact when the car’s tyres make contact with the road surface. To support the coil spring, the shock absorber, also known as the dampers, acts as a support system to reduce the load on the coil spring.

Importance of Regular Suspension Repair and Service

Given the vital role played by this system in a smooth driving experience, it is a must to keep it at its optimal state at all times. Reduced effect of shock forces on the car, proper control of the vehicle’s direction while driving and ensuring correct contact when the tyres hit the road are some benefits associated with a properly working suspension system.

The Number One Suspension Repair Shop in Bayview

Our mechanics are always ready to help car owners in the Northern Beaches region deal with their car-related problems. Our team has the experience and knowledge needed to provide our customers the highest level of shock repair and suspension check up. Contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now to have the best suspension service in Bayview today!