Duffys Forest Suspension Service

Duffys Forest is home to only 474 people as of the 2016 census. Part of Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Forest District regions, this area is known for the tourist destinations, Waratah Park Earth Sanctuary and Duffys Forest Ecological Community. Despite the low population in this community, Peninsula Auto Clinic is always ready to help car owners who need a suspension service. We are Mona Vale’s number one mechanic for any car service and repair. For over 25 years, each of our mechanics has dedicated themselves to providing only the best work to meet our customers’ expectations.

Licensed Mechanic Specialising in Car Suspension Check Up

Locals in the Sydney suburbs looking for a “car suspension check near me” should take a look at Peninsula Auto Clinic. We have years of experience and training to handle any car repair and service, including car suspension replacement and suspension check up. Each of our mechanics holds a license after meeting the requirements set by NSW Fair Trading. It means that they have completed the needed Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology courses, plus more than 3-4 years of apprenticeship. This requirement ensures that only the best mechanics in the state are doing the shock repair and suspension check up on your car.

Suspension Check Up

A car suspension check involves our mechanics checking every part of the vehicle’s suspension system. In this process, we assess whether each part of the suspension system needs repair, replacing or they are still at their optimal state. It is through this thorough assessment where our mechanics can diagnose which part needs the most attention. A suspension check up allows us to determine which part is causing the vehicle to drift when turning, or contributing to the bumpy ride.

Importance of Car Suspension Check

The car’s suspension system is responsible for several things, but most importantly, a well functioning one can make any drive more comfortable and safe. This system also plays a vital role in ensuring correct wheel alignment at all times, controlling the vehicle’s direction when moving and reducing the shock effect on the car.

Signs That a Vehicle Needs a Suspension Repair or Service

The good thing is that an expert is not needed when determining whether the car needs a suspension repair or service. Drifting when turning on corners, the car pulling itself to the side when driving and continuous bouncing after hitting a pothole are some signs that a car needs to be brought to the nearest and trusted suspension repair shop.

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Aside from offering car suspension checks, we also specialise in clutch service, exhaust service and auto transmission service. For a trusted and highly qualified mechanic in Duffys Forest specialising in suspension service, contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now!