Elanora Suspension Service

Elanora is a Northern Beaches suburb with over 4,000 residents. This residential suburb sits above Narrabeen beach and overlooks the Narrabeen Lagoon and the Tasman Sea. Peninsula Auto Clinic is the preferred mechanic for car owners when they need automotive repair and service, including suspension service, automatic transmission service and clutch service. With over 25 years in the business, we have proven our capability in delivering world-class automotive repair and service.

A Trusted and Qualified Suspension Repair Shop in Elanora

For over two decades, car owners across Sydney continue to trust us due to our experienced and qualified mechanics. Each of them holds a licence from NSW Fair Trading. This licence is a testament to their capability to provide the best car repair and service. This expertise comes from undergoing the required training courses – Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, as well as the apprenticeship. These requirements gave them the needed knowledge and experience to be efficient in every automotive repair, including suspension repairs, tyre replacement and repairs and exhaust repairs.

Car Suspension Check

All cars need to be roadworthy whenever driven. It does not only offer a comfortable experience, but also peace of mind that no accidents will happen. A routine car suspension check is needed to achieve this. In this car service, a qualified mechanic inspects every bit and piece of the suspension system. This inspection determines whether the parts of the system are properly functioning or whether they need repair or replacement.

Different Parts of the Suspension System

To better understand how a suspension system works, it is important to know its different parts. The coil spring is responsible for absorbing the impact when the car’s tyres make contact with the ground. The system’s shock absorbers, also known as dampers or shock, assist the coils in doing their job. Rods or linkages are important components as they connect various parts of the system. Lastly, the joint or bearing ensures that all parts of the suspension system are working at their best at all times.

Signs That a Car Needs Suspension Check Up

It is easy to know when the car needs to be brought to a car suspension check near me. A car that lunges forward when stopping, drifting when turning on corners and an uneven tyre thread is easily identifiable signs that the vehicle needs car suspension repair or service.

The Best Car Suspension Check Near Me in Elanora

For over 25 years, we have proven that we have what it takes to be the best suspension repair shop in Elanora and the whole of Sydney. Contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now to have a qualified mechanic do the suspension service for your car today!