Narrabeen Suspension Service

Narrabeen is a Northern Sydney beachside suburb. It is famous for its four beaches – Collaroy, Narrabeen, North Narrabeen and South Narrabeen. Home to more than 8,200 locals, car owners in this community only trusts Peninsula Auto Clinic when they need a suspension service. We are the trusted suspension repair shop in the region that also provides a wide range of services, including car battery replacement and service, clutch service and automatic transmission service. After more than two decades in the business, we remain committed to providing only the best service that brings 100% customer satisfaction.

Licensed Mechanic Specialising in Suspension Check Up

NSW Fair Trading requires mechanics in the state to hold a motor vehicle repairer’s licence. Completing the Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology courses and over 3-4 years worth of work experience through an apprenticeship is needed to become a licensed Australian mechanic. These requirements guarantee that each of our mechanics is capable of providing the best check-up and customer service to all car owners in the Sydney suburbs.

Car Suspension Check

A suspension check up ensures that every drive is a smooth one. In this car service, our mechanic inspects every bit and piece of the system. The goal is to determine whether it is at its optimum state or needs replacement or repair. While it is recommended to have a routine check up, it is also easy to determine whether the car is due for a car suspension check. The car lunging forward or downward when stepping on the brake, drifting or pulling when turning on corners and uneven tyre treads are common visible signs to contact our mechanic for suspension service.

Importance of Suspension Repair and Check

For car owners who are still on the fence about getting a car suspension replacement and service, the advantages it offers outweighs the associated cost. First, a regular suspension check up enables the system to fully support the vehicle weight. Second, a “healthy” suspension system reduces the effect of shock forces on the car. Third, a fully functioning suspension maintains the wheel alignment at all times. Lastly, a good-working system can correctly control the vehicle’s direction when taken for a drive.

Cost of Car Service

The cost of a car suspension check is one of the reasons why owners are hesitant to bring their vehicle to a shop. In NSW, car service costs around $150 to $240. The figure may go down or up, depending on the part to be serviced and the repairs and replacement.

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As the go-to suspension repair shop in the Northern Beaches region, we have proven that we remain consistent in the quality of our work for more than 25 years. For a highly qualified and trustworthy Narrabeen mechanic to conduct a suspension service, contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now!