Palm Beach Suspension Service

Palm Beach locals have always trusted Peninsula Auto Clinic for their suspension service. For over two decades, we have served all car owners in this Northern Beaches suburb with all the most needed automotive services, including clutch service, tyre replacement and repair and pink slip inspections. We are composed of the most qualified mechanics who are dedicated to providing the best automotive work in this side of Sydney. Every work they do is done with a guarantee to bring 100% customer satisfaction.

Certified Mechanics Specialising in Suspension Check Up

A suspension check up is an important routine service that deems whether or not a car is roadworthy. Given the importance of this assessment, it is a must to have it done by a trusted and highly qualified mechanic. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, all of our mechanics hold a motor vehicle tradesperson’s certificate from NSW Fair Trading. This license is issued to those who have completed the required courses – Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology and real-life work experience through apprenticeship. Apart from these requirements, NSW mechanics can also take other Certificate III courses to expand their knowledge and skills.

Car Suspension Check

A car suspension check is an assessment of every bit and piece of the vehicle’s suspension system. This service is a must when the car shows signs of suspension system issues. The vehicle pulling itself to the side while driving, slight or noticeable drifting when turning corners and the car bouncing more frequently are easy signs that a shock repair and service is needed. 

Car Problems that Need Suspension Repair

Regularly visiting a “car suspension check near me” allows car owners to be aware of the state of their car. Regular assessments also ensure that each part of the vehicle is working properly. When signs of suspension system issues show, it is an indication that there could be a bigger problem. Excessive body roll, unusual noises and unevenly worn tyres are some common suspension system problems.

Importance of Suspension Service

Due to the comfort and safety brought by a properly functioning suspension system, it is best to have it checked regularly at a suspension repair shop. The suspension system is responsible for supporting the vehicle’s weight, maintaining correct wheel alignment at all times and ensuring that the tyres make correct contact with the road surface.

Contact The Best Mechanic for Car Suspension Repair and Service in Palm Beach Today!

Car safety should be the number one priority for owners and drivers. Given the importance of the suspension system in having a safe and comfortable drive, it needs proper car suspension check and suspension repair. Contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now to have the best mechanic doing a suspension check on your vehicle today!