Vehicle Inspections Avalon

Avalon is a beachside suburb located in the northern region of Sydney. The suburb is known for its surfing beach that features a 25-metre saltwater rock pool at its south end. Tourists also marvel at Avalon Beach’s orange-coloured sands that is caused by the high presence of iron oxide in the area. Aside from being a favourite among surfers, Avalon is also home to almost 10,000 residents. When they need a routine checkup for their car, they turn to Peninsula Auto Clinic for high-quality vehicle inspections.

A Trusted Name in Vehicle Inspection in the Northern Beaches

Peninsula Auto Clinic has been offering top-class vehicle inspection and other car repair and maintenance services for more than 25 years. This achievement was reached with the help of our dedicated mechanics. Since our early days, we have instilled in each member of our team to deliver a flawless mechanic service. It means that we strive our best to provide a high-quality examination, customisation and service on all vehicles. 

High-Rated Mechanic Inspection

Our team of mechanics is our secret to achieving the high ratings we have been receiving from our customers. These individuals have the proper training and experience to deal with all maintenance and repair on all kinds of vehicles. Each member of our team has met the NSW Fair Trading standard for motor vehicle tradespeople in NSW. Each of them holds the necessary certificate to perform car repair and maintenance ranging from car service, battery replacement, clutch service and tyre repair and replacement.

Car Inspection

A car inspection at Peninsula Auto Clinic is composed of a full and thorough inspection of the vehicle. Our car service experts divide their inspection by major parts of the vehicle including under the hood inspections, under the car, vehicle body inspection and car interior service. They check each part of those major components. For example, they go through engine oil, engine appearance, radiator cooler and odometer alteration for when they are inspecting the vehicle’s engine system.

Cost of Car Service

Aside from the safety offered by a regularly maintained vehicle, owners can also save on unexpected repairs and replacements when a car breaks down. For those who want a glimpse of what to expect when bringing their car for a mechanic inspection, here are some cost estimates on some common car inspections. Car owners should expect to spend between $50 and $2,000 for a clutch service depending on the nature of repair and replacements to be done. For those who want an engine service, the cost is usually around $150 to $300 but it can go higher when there are parts that needed to be replaced.

Contact the Best Northern Beaches Mechanic Right Now!

It is always best to go for someone who is the best in what they do. This approach also applies to car repair and maintenance. No car owner would hand over their vehicle to a mechanic who has yet to prove himself in his trade. To experience why we are considered as among the best vehicle inspections providers in the Avalon area, call Peninsula Auto Clinic today!