Vehicle Inspections Collaroy

Collaroy car owners can always depend on Peninsula Auto Clinic for all types of vehicle inspections and repairs. We have been catering to all needs of all vehicle types, from car battery replacement to clutch service and tyre service and replacement. All of these services are done by the most competent mechanics on this side of Sydney.

Trustworthy and Experienced Licensed Northern Beaches Mechanic

At Peninsula Auto Clinic, our mechanics made it all possible to remain consistent on our work quality. Each of them has met the requirements set by NSW Fair Trading for individuals to receive the motor vehicle tradesperson’s certificate. This certificate is issued only to those who have completed the Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology degrees and the additional over 3 to 4 years worth of real-world experience as a mechanic. Other specifics on how to become a licensed Australian mechanic is discussed in our blog post “How To Become A Licensed Australian Mechanic?

Car Inspection

A vehicle inspection is a routine assessment of the state of every part of a vehicle. Conducted to check for the car’s roadworthiness, it sees mechanics thoroughly going through every bit and piece of the car’s components. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, our car service covers every part of the car. Our Northern Beaches mechanics’ process divides the inspection into several major groups. In our under the hood inspection, we check the car’s engine, car battery, radiator and oils. We also check the car’s body for hail damage, rust and paint condition. Tyres, exhaust system and the car interior are other parts we inspect.

Other Car Services

We also offer specific mechanic inspections for particular car parts. These services are designed to ensure that our mechanics are focused on looking out for defects in a particular vehicle component. In a brake service, we check the rear drum, disc brake and brake pads among others. It offers several benefits, including safety, a longer lifespan for the brake system and savings on unexpected repairs. We also offer services focused on assessing the clutch, engine and tyres.

Cost of Car Service

For those curious about expenses related to a car inspection, a typical mechanic inspection can cost between $150 and $240, which can either go down and up depending on the car’s size and type of vehicle inspection. For example, a car owner needs to spend between $50 and $2000 for a clutch service depending on the needed repair and replacement. Those looking for an engine service can expect to pay $150-$300 to have to check whether their engine is still running in its top state.

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Safety is the best reason to bring a vehicle to regularly bring a car for a mechanic inspection. For the best vehicle inspections in Collaroy, contact Peninsula Auto Clinic today!