Vehicle Inspections Duffys Forest

Duffys Forest car owners that need any vehicle inspections only turn to Peninsula Auto Clinic. We have been catering to all the car service and repair needs of locals across Sydney for over 25 years. Our team specialises in all models and brands of vehicles. We offer a wide range of services, including brake service and repair, car battery replacement and exhaust service.

Trusted Licensed Mechanic in Duffys Forest

Each car mechanic at Peninsula Auto Clinic holds a motor vehicle tradesperson’s certificate. Per NSW Fair Trading, an individual who wants to offer their motor repair service skills needs to have completed two training courses – Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology. They also need to have completed more than 3-4 years of apprenticeship to gain real-life experience handling mechanic work. These requirements are in place to ensure that only the most qualified mechanic will offer their expertise to car owners in the state.

Car Service

A car service is an assessment made by a qualified mechanic to determine which part of the vehicle is healthy and which needs repair or replacement. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we divide a vehicle inspection into four groups. Inspecting those underneath the car is the first group. In this inspection, we determine the state of the car’s tyres, exhaust system and oil. The second group sees our mechanics checking the integrity of parts in the vehicle’s hood. This assessment includes us thoroughly looking at the car battery, engine and radiator. Checking the vehicle’s interior forms the third phase of our mechanic inspection. This part is where we assess the carpet, seatbelts and lights. Lastly, we also check the car’s body for signs of hail damage, rust and defective doors and boots.

Cost of Mechanic Inspection

In NSW, a car inspection usually costs around $150 and $240. This price may either go down or up depending on several factors. A vehicle inspection is offered into two types – minor car service and major mechanic inspection. The former involves smaller repairs and replacements and may cost less compared to a normal car service and repair. A major car inspection, on the other hand, involves the mechanic looking through every component of the vehicle. Owners who want a more specific amount for each type of service can look at the following – an engine service costs between $150-$300, while an air conditioning service will see you spending around $120 to $1400.

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