Vehicle Inspections Elanora

Elanora car owners can always count on us at Peninsula Auto Clinic regardless of the car issue they are dealing with. Our team of capable mechanics have the experience and training. This skill allows them to attend to vehicle inspections needed by cars of all types, years and brands. It also helps in our goal of providing only the best customer service and car inspection and repair to anyone across Sydney.

Licensed Northern Beaches Mechanic in Elanora

At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we make sure that we provide the highest quality of car service. We can deliver this kind of service by having the best mechanics on this side of Sydney. All hold a motor vehicle repairer’s licence from NSW Fair Trading. This licence comes after completing the Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology courses. They have also gained real-life automotive repair experience by completing an apprenticeship.

What is a Vehicle Inspection?

A vehicle inspection sees our Mona Vale mechanics assessing whether the car’s parts are healthy or in need of repair. Every car inspection involves a thorough assessment of every bit and piece of the car’s components. This process ensures that every vehicle is roadworthy.

What Happens in this Car Service?

Several checkups are done by our Mona Vale mechanics to ensure the drivability of any vehicle. For under-the-hood inspections, they inspect the engine, engine oil, car battery, radiator and oil fumes. We also do under-the-car inspections. This checkup ensures that there is no problem with the tyres, exhaust system and that there are no possible oil leaks. Our vehicle body inspections see our mechanics assessing for hail damage, rust, paint condition and the integrity of the catches and rubber seals in doors and bolts. Our vehicle inspection does not stop at ensuring the integrity of the car’s exterior and under-the-hood components. We also check the car’s interior for possible issues. In this assessment, we go through the seatbelts, lights and accessories.

How Much Does a Mechanic Inspection in Sydney Costs?

A vehicle inspection in Sydney costs about $150 to $240, depending on the mechanic’s location and the type of availed service. This estimate could also either go up or down depending on the kilometres and systems involved. Those who only wanted a specific mechanic inspection should expect to spend less. For example, a clutch service costs around $50 while an engine service is estimated at $150-$300.

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