Covid Safe Mechanics Sydney

Peninsula Auto Clinic is here as a COVID mechanic shop performing mechanical services during these times. Our COVID safe mechanics are serious about handling COVID and have health and safety as a priority. From social distancing, disinfecting to wearing face masks at all times, we take the health and safety of our customers and mechanics seriously. We are open during these times ensuring cars are repaired and serviced professionally.

 As a COVID safe mechanic, we have numerous rules and producers in place to keep our customers and mechanics safe. This includes social distancing, wearing face masks, disinfecting before and after working and also performing regular COVID testing. Servicing and repairs are always carried out with our COVID safe plan in mind to ensure people can drive on the road safely with properly working vehicles.

Covid Safe Mechanics Sydney

What Does Peninsula Auto Clinic Do To Be COVID Safe?

There are numerous steps, procedures and checks our COVID mechanics do in order to be COVID safe. These are all regularly performed to make certain everyone is safe and can continue to work on cars. The main rules and steps our COVID mechanics follow are:


As COVID mechanics we make sure to demonstrate our safe practice policies and ensure all of our precautions are being completed in the auto shop. When our mechanics have to travel they will carry the needed documents and letters. We also make sure that on-site that our customers are able to see that we are an essential service and can perform mechanical tasks. Only our mechanics are able to enter our mechanical shop and contact instructions will be provided to guide our customers. 


Being open to working as COVID mechanics we have many obligations to ensure that people are safely working and having work done on their cars:

  • We have a COVID safe plan that is continually updated to meet the rules and regulations
  • We make sure to keep records of who works for 15 minutes or more, including any customers and subcontractors
  • Our mechanics will work at a certain distance away from each other
  • We make sure that our mechanics stay within the auto shop and only leave if needed, such as receiving a needed part for a car repair
  • It is essential that our mechanics are healthy and if they are feeling unwell we make sure they stay home to recover 
  • Our mechanics will always clean their stations and undertake any risk assessments when needed
  • We make sure that we present contactless payment while disinfect all stations before and after we have worked in the area
  • We are also all in the process of being fully vaccinated!

COVID Safe Plan

Our COVID safe plan is set up to ensure that we can protect our workers and all customers and visitors. This is to ensure we stop the possibility of COVID entering our workplace and potentially spreadin. Our plan ensures that our team wears masks at all times and other needed personal protective equipment. We will also have a plan in place if the chance that one of our mechanics have been in contact or are suspected to be near or have the virus. 

What Services are Provided By Peninsula Auto Clinic?

It is important that cars are driving safely and correctly which is why we are still open. We offer all of our mechanical services but the main tasks which we commonly perform are:

Car Service

Our Car Service work is where we will carry out important minor and major service work. This is to ensure our qualified mechanics are still able to inspect the car and carry out needed maintenance work. There are many types of work performed during a car service, some of the main tasks include:

  • Looking over the lights of the cars, including headlights, brake lights, dashboard lights and interior lights. 
  • Performing checks on the brakes and braking systems, including the brake pads and the brake fluids.
  • Replacing the spark plugs and car battery if they are worn and not functioning correctly.
  • Looking over the oil filters condition why replacing or topping up any of the car’s oils or fluids.
  • Tyres are inspected for their pressure levels, if they are unbalanced or unaligned and the quality of each tyre.
  • A general inspection looking over every single system, including the engine, suspension and exhaust. 

For more information about the general jobs performed in a car service, we recommend reading our blog that provides a greater insight. 

Car Repair

Our mechanics are here to perform Car Repair services to ensure people are driving working and safe cars. There are numerous repairs our COVID mechanics can perform but the main or most common repairs include:

  • Fixing the clutch system often includes replacing the clutch cover, pressure plate or clutch plate and fixing any parts.
  • Repairing the radiator often involves repairing leaks, ensuring the pressure of the system is right and if needed repairing the whole system.
  • When the brakes do not work correctly, then looking over each part is important and tests are carried out to confirm the system works perfectly.
  • Repairing the air conditioning systems to make sure the car can be ventilated and be at the right temperature.
  • Other major or common repairs include problems with the engine, suspension, exhaust or lights.

Trusted COVID Mechanics for the Northern Beaches

Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic we are serious and committed as COVID Mechanic to ensure that our mechanics and customers are safe and healthy. Each fully qualified mechanic follows all the COVID safe rules. We are open to the whole Northern Beaches as a COVID safe mechanic shop, including NarrabeenCollaroy and Mona Vale. Located on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale we are the most trusted COVID mechanics. Book in a service today!