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Frenchs Forest is a Northern Beaches suburb that also forms part of the so-called Forest District. Home to more than 13,000 individuals, this area also houses several tourist attractions, including Manly Dam Reserve, Frenchs Forest Showground and Lionel Watts Oval. Car owners on this side of Sydney only turn to us at Peninsula Auto Clinic when they need help. Our mechanics have over two decades of experience performing all car services and repairs.

The Most Trusted Licensed Mechanic in Northern Beaches

We were able to maintain the trust and loyalty of our customers by ensuring our commitment to quality car inspections and repairs. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, all mechanics hold a motor vehicle tradesperson’s certificate. This licence comes after completing the required course, Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology. They also need to gain real-life work experience through an apprenticeship program. The completion of these requirements assure our customers that every Northern Beaches mechanic can do mechanic inspections and repairs that meet our customers’ expectations.

Brake Service

The car brake is an important component in ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers. To achieve a properly working and dependable brake system, it is a must for car owners to have their vehicles undergo regular vehicle inspections. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, our brake service composes of the following assessments:

  • A brake inspection that follows recommendations made by the manufacturer;
  • Disc brake service;
  • Rear drum service;
  • Brake pad replacement; and
  • Brake fluid replacement.

A regularly maintained vehicle can significantly save money on repairs, expand the lifespan of the brake system and ensure safety at all times.

Clutch Service

Like the brake, the clutch system also needs regular maintenance. Our Mona Vale mechanics recommend bringing over a car for a mechanic inspection for every 100,000km driven. Routine visits help prevent common clutch issues, including clutch master cylinder failure, clutch fluid leak and slipping clutch.

Pink Slip Inspection

For cars aged five years and above, an eSafety Check or pink slip inspection is a must for every vehicle registration. This car service aims to determine the roadworthiness of the vehicle. To ensure the drivability of the car, we conduct the following assessments:

  • Inspection of the vehicle body for any damages;
  • A brake efficiency test;
  • Assessment of the driveline and engine leaks;
  • Checkup of the tyre quality and tread; and
  • Inspection of the suspension system, engine and driveline.

Once our Northern Beaches mechanic deemed a vehicle roadworthy, our customers receive a pink slip. They have six months to register the vehicle. Failure to do so within the validity, car owners must have their car undergo a new pink slip inspection. 

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