Mechanic Narraweena

Narraweena is a Northern Beaches suburb home to more than 6,000 residents. For car owners in this area, Peninsula Auto Clinic has been their go-to auto shop for decades. We have highly trained and experienced mechanics on our roster. All offer a wide range of services, including clutch service, 4WD service and tyre replacement and repair. We have also stood out by guaranteeing the best vehicle inspection and world-class customer service.

Certified Northern Beaches Mechanic

NSW Fair Trading mandates that mechanics meet requirements before receiving their mechanic’s licence. This licence comes after undergoing the Certificate II in Automotive Studies and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology courses and an apprenticeship. By completing these requirements, all can do car inspections and repairs on all types and brands of vehicles.

Brake Service

The car’s brake is vital in ensuring safety during drives. Considering its role, it is a must to have it properly functioning at all times. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we designed our brake service to make sure that every component of this system is at its optimal level. Our Mona Vale mechanics assess every bit and piece of the brake system to assure our customers that they have a dependable brake system.

Pink Slip Inspection

In NSW, vehicles aged five years and up need to undergo an eSafety Check or Pink Slip Inspection. This inspection aims to determine its roadworthiness. In this vehicle inspection, our mechanics conduct the following assessments:

  • Checking the condition of the engine, exhaust system and suspension system;
  • Assessing the vehicle’s body for any damages;
  • Inspecting tyre depth and overall quality of the tyre;
  • Checking for fluid leaks and fluid levels; and 
  • Evaluating the efficiency of the braking system.

After ensuring that all components of the vehicle are working, our Northern Beaches mechanics issue a pink slip. This certification will then be presented for vehicle registration. It is only valid for six months and failure to register within the period means a new for another pink slip inspection.

Car Battery Replacement

Car batteries are known to last for years before they need replacing. The following are some indications that a visit to the auto shop for a car battery replacement must be scheduled:

  • The engine does not crank at all
  • Engine cranking, but the car does not turn on
  • A jump start is a must for the car to turn on
  • A cracked, swollen or leaking battery

When the time comes, it is best to have an expert mechanic do the job. Our team has the experience on which type of battery best fits the car and its needs. 

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