What Does A Full Service Include On A Car?

Cars do break down in the middle of nowhere, and it always occurs at the worst of times! Regular car service helps reduce the chances of this scenario from happening. An inspection done by fully qualified mechanics will provide peace of mind. It assures car owners that their vehicle is perfectly functioning, especially during crucial moments, like driving on a freeway, a rural road or on you way to a meeting.

What Does A Full Service Include On A Car

Is A Routine Car Service Worth It?

Absolutely yes. Entrusting your vehicle’s inspection in the hands of a qualified mechanic helps ensure that it is running at its tip-top shape all year round. Peace of mind is the number one reason car owners should be bringing their vehicle for a routine checkup. But there are many other benefits associated with a car inspection. Generally, you should take your car to be serviced every 6 months or every 10,0000 km. Other advantages associated with regularly visiting a mechanic for inspection are the following:

  • Preventing problems
  • Ensuring vital parts are working
  • Peace of mind that the car is at its optimal state
  • Savings from unexpected repairs
  • Extends the vehicle’s lifespan
  • Better value when reselling due to its service history
  • Fuel efficiency due to a perfectly running engine

It truly is a worthy investment to have one of our Northern Beaches mechanics check your car for a routine car service.

What Happens in a Car Inspection?

To ensure cars on the roads are in their best shape, a car inspection is a must. This automotive service assesses every bit and piece of the car’s system. A mechanic checks for faults, worn-out components and leaking during a vehicle inspection. In NSW, two options are available for car owners looking to have their vehicle undergo car service, a major car inspection and a minor car service.

A minor car service is recommended for those who want a quick check of their vehicle. This procedure takes about 45-60 minutes and sees mechanics checking every component of a vehicle. Checking the brake fluid and brakes, inspecting the air filter and testing the suspension and steering are some assessments included in this car service. A minor service occurs every 10,000 kms.

A major car service occurs every 30,000 kms or after 2 minor services.. This mechanic inspection is best for cars as it sees a Northern Beaches mechanic spending more time inspecting each car component. It usually takes 1 hr – 2hrs to complete. This vehicle inspection sees the mechanic assessing the following systems:

  • Engine oil – This oil lubricates the moving parts in the engine, thus it is important to have enough engine oil to prevent friction. It is recommended to replace the engine oil and filter every three months or every 5,000-10,000 kilometres driven.
  • Air filter – This filter ensures that only clean air enters the engine. The engine needs to have clean air as dirty air can cause damage and decrease fuel efficiency.
  • Transmission fluid – Manual and automatic transmission vehicles need to have enough transmission fluid to work. It must be at the correct level to help achieve a functioning transmission system.
  • Lights – Lights are vital for the safety of the driver and his passengers and the cars driving the same road. In a car service, mechanics check the headlights and brake lights to ensure it is perfectly working.
  • Tyre tread and pressure – Pressure level and tyre tread are checked to ensure safety while driving. A tyre with the correct pressure and top-notch tread also helps achieve fuel efficiency.
  • Rotating tyres – This procedure is a must when there is an uneven tyre tread, steering issues and tyres. When these issues appear, there is a need for a mechanic to rotate or balance the wheel as the vehicle is suffering from wheel alignment issues.
  • Spark plugs – The spark plug provides power to the vehicle. When the car has been experiencing difficulties starting, it is best to have a mechanic check the spark plugs and whether it needs replacement.
  • Shock absorbers – This component reduces the impact of shock forces on the vehicle. With functioning shock absorbers, the driver and his passengers get a comfortable ride every time.
  • The serpentine belt – Cracking is the number issue with serpentine belts. A visit to the mechanic is all it takes to determine whether it needs replacement or not.
  • Windscreen wipers – The need for replacement is the product of ageing windscreen wipers.
  • Tyre replacement – Ageing and worn out tyre tread are usual problems with tyres. Having an expert around helps determine whether the car needs a new set of tyres.
  • Battery replacement – The constant need to jump-start or a swollen, leaking car battery is a usual indicator of a defective battery. An experienced mechanic helps fit the car with the correct battery it needs.

Is it Legally Required in NSW for a Vehicle to Undergo Mechanic Inspection?

Yes, you are legally required to keep your vehicle in optimal state by a licensed mechanic Especially when you need a pink slips service after your vehicle is more than 5 years old. However there are also other significant savings, longer lifespan, safety and more comfortable drives are among those that make a difference when a car receives a full mechanic inspection.

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