How Do Potholes Damage Cars?

In Sydney, it is inevitable for drivers not to get caught by a pothole, especially after heavy rainfall. With thousands of potholes recently appearing due to heavy rains, you are sure to drive through at least one unknowingly. The bad news is, driving through potholes repeatedly can cause serious car issues.

How Do Potholes Damage Cars

If you feel something is off with your car after driving through a pothole, it is best to have an experienced mechanic take a look through a car service. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic Mona Vale, our northern beaches mechanics have more than 25 years of experience helping locals with car repairs of all kinds, and would be more than happy to offer consultation on any issue you are experiencing due to a pothole.

Common Damages Caused by Driving Through Potholes

Cosmetic damages are easy to spot, however  the impact of driving through multiple potholes can impact the state of inner car components. These unseen side-effects could manifest themselves slowly or even in an instant while driving around.

As potholes are a common sight on Sydney roads, driving through them can cause problems with the following car parts:

  • Suspension system – The suspension system is commonly the first thing damaged by going through multiple potholes. The suspension helps reduce the impact of bumps in the road. But knocking the system is possible due to driving through a pothole. Repeated jolts lead to accelerating the wear and tear of your car’s suspension system and if not properly checked, can lead to serious issues.
  • Engine – Yes, even your car’s engine can suffer from constant encounters with potholes. It can affect the powertrain, as well as cause the engine to shift too hard. A hard shift can cause engine mounts to break.
  • Tyres – The tyre is among the car components most prone to damage. Frequent encounters with potholes can lead to sidewall bulges, tread separation or a puncture. 
  • Wheels – Like tyres, wheels can also suffer significant damage due to potholes. Bending, chips and cracks are common issues. 
  • Body – Cosmetic damages may not be treated as seriously as other damages sustained. But leaving them unrepaired can lead to serious and damaging consequences. Scraps under the vehicle could lead to rust and holes in the exhaust pipes, muffler or catalytic converter.

Ways to Avoid Damages Due to Potholes

Knowing road conditions is the ultimate preventive measure. However, there are other things car owners can do to prevent damaging their vehicle. Here are some tips from our Mona Vale mechanics on how to avoid damaging the vehicle due to potholes:

  • Tyres with the correct pressure help prevent damages due to potholes. Our mechanics also recommend routinely checking the tyres for damages. In case of a damaged tyre, it is best to have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible to prevent further consequences. 
  • Car owners should make sure that their vehicle’s suspension system is in its tip-top shape. Struts, shock absorbers and other parts need to be in excellent condition. By having a pristine suspension, it can avoid damage to other components.
  • Slowing down is perhaps the most effective way to prevent damage. Hitting a pothole while at full speed can cause greater damage to the car. The wheel, tyres and suspension are frequent victims when cars hit a pothole while at higher speeds. 
  • Stay alert, especially when it is raining hard. Sydney has been experiencing heavy rainfalls as of late. Drivers need to be extra cautious when driving in this condition. It helps to always look ahead while driving. Check for potholes and be mindful of other vehicles when trying to avoid potholes.

Why Is a Car Service Important After Hitting a Pothole?

car service ensures that all components of the vehicle are at an optimal state. We recommend bringing a car over for this inspection every 10,000-15,000 kilometres driven for a minor service and every 30,000-45,000 kilometres driven for a major car service. During these mechanic inspections, we will  go through the following car parts:

  • Suspension and steering – Testing these systems involve determining response time and the overall condition of the components.
  • Wheel bearing – these parts are replaced, when necessary. Regular check-up of this car part ensures that it is capable of carrying the whole weight of the vehicle.
  • Tyres – In a car inspection, checking the tyres involves assessing tyre quality and tread. This assessment helps mechanics determine whether the vehicle is due for a tyre change or not.
  • Engine – Cars undergoing major car service undergo engine diagnosis and computerised tune-ups.
  • The vehicle body – Mechanics perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle’s body. Through this mechanic inspection, they can identify damages as a result of driving through a pothole and other impacts of unpredictable and harsh weather.

Regular car inspection helps in identifying which car part needs car repair or replacement. Early diagnosis of what went wrong helps prevent car breakdowns and expensive unexpected repairs in the future. It is also a must for a vehicle to undergo car service, especially at a time when there are potholes and other factors that could impact the car’s performance. By knowing the vehicle’s condition, drivers and their passengers can have peace of mind on every drive.

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Our mechanics have the experience and knowledge to help identify damages caused by potholes. All hold a motor vehicle repairer’s certificate from NSW Fair Trading. Each Northern Beaches mechanic has completed the required courses, Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology. All have also undergone three to four years of apprenticeship under a licensed mechanic. These requirements ensure that all mechanics on cars plying the roads of NSW are the most qualified out there. By completing these requirements, car owners can have peace of mind that every car that comes out of our auto shop is functioning at the optimal state. Contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now to experience the work of the best mechanic in Sydney today!