Why Is My Car Key’s Remote Not Working?

Inconveniences when driving are not only limited to your engine issues or a car battery dying. Aside from major mechanical issues (e.g car repairs, servicing etc) the car key fob is among those usually overlooked when it comes to maintenance in changing its batteries. In modern push start cars, a flat key battery is the most common reason as to why your car is not initiating when pressing the “engine on” button. However in some cases, it could be due to a flat battery or faulty internal system.

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Why Use a Car Key Fob?

The car key remote fobs offer great convenience for new car owners. This RFID-powered device removes the need to put the key into the sockets Some of these require the car owner to press a button to open the door. Some varieties require the driver to pass the fob in front of the electronic lock to have the door open.

Aside from convenience, key fobs also come with other advantages. These benefits are among the most common reasons car owners prefer using a key fob:

  • Security – While it could also be easily lost like a traditional car key, the advantage of having a key fob is that it could be remotely deactivated when it went missing.
  • Reliability – A high-quality RFID key fob offers a dependable and long-lasting solution over copied keys for the car.
  • Reprogramming – Having a key fob also offers the ease of replacing a key when misplaced. Owners can have it locked when this happens. It is also easy to get a replacement key fob and have it reprogrammed to fit the receiver unit in the car.
  • Battery – By being battery-powered, it is easy to maintain car key fobs. Most of these devices even offer long battery life before the need to replace the batteries arise. Depending on car type, we recommend changing your car key’s battery at least once every year

Factors Behind Car Key Fobs’ Battery Not Working?

The most common reasons why your car key’s FOB is not working are as follows:

  • Dead battery – Check the battery and replace it when needed. Most key fobs use category four button cell batteries. However, it is still best to check the key fob’s manual to confirm which battery is best for the device. You can also open the battery compartment and check the batteries. The type of battery used is usually indicated on its surface and depending on the model of the car, you can purchase replacement batteries from service stations and battery shops
  • Broken contacts – Take the key fob apart and check for broken contacts or misaligned buttons. Due to wear and tear, it is not surprising to find broken contacts or buttons that are misaligned. If the battery terminal is the problem, anyone can easily determine that it is why the key fob is not working. When it is not the battery terminals, it could be a misaligned button that’s causing the issue.
  • Reprogramming – Reprogramming is a must when the device can no longer communicate with the receiver unit installed in the vehicle. It is the only way for car owners to use their key fob. The good news is that this repair can be done either by the car owner himself through DIY-ing, or have a professional do it.
  • Defective key fob – When all of those mentioned above as been exhausted, it could be time to find a car key fob replacement.

What Happens If The Car Key Battery Dies?

Most car brands will still allow you to unlock your car as more often than not, there is a physical key located in the fob. You can also still start the car by pushing your key fob against the push start button to ignite the engine. Most push start cars have a chip that will work when pressed against the engine’s button.

For those already driving, a low or dead-battery key fob does not impact the car’s performance. Key fobs are mostly used to unlock the doors and start the car, so they would not cause any significant interruption.

Can You Still Drive The Car With a Dead Car Key Fob?

Yes, it is still possible to drive the vehicle even with a dead car key fob. It is also easy to do it. These are the steps to drive a vehicle without a working key fob:

  1. First, the car owner needs to go inside their car. He can do this by using the key included in the key fob. Next, he needs to put the key into the keyhole to open the door. This action will trigger the alarm, but there is no reason to panic.
  2. Once inside the car, the driver only needs to push the “start engine” button using the dead key fob.

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