Preventable Car Problems & How To Avoid Them

Experiencing a car breakdown in the middle of nowhere can always be prevented. It starts with regularly bringing your vehicle for regular vehicle inspections and having malfunctioning parts repaired as soon as possible by your local mechanic. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we have highly skilled Northern Beaches mechanics ready to help. We have been trusted by local car owners with every car inspection and repair they need for over 25 years. We specialise in a wide range of auto services and repairs, including brake servicespink slip inspections and exhaust repairs.

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What Are The Most Common Car Problems?

Not one car problem causes breakdowns while driving. Every component of the vehicle can suffer from an issue that impacts the car’s performance. 

Based on our professional experience, the following issues are among the most usual car owners encounter:

  • Rust – With age, rusting will surely impact the integrity of the vehicle’s body and its components. Salt from the ocean or deicing the roads contributes significantly to this issue. Driving on a winter road, when covered with corrosive salt and sand, is another significant contributor to this problem.
  • Flat car battery – Breaking down due to a flat car battery is one of the most preventable car problems. Leaving the light on or a door ajar is common  reason behind the battery dying unexpectedly. In some cases, a dead battery is a result of worn terminals and clamp connections. 
  • Tyre blowout – Getting a flat tyre is not something one can predict or at times, prevent. Common factors behind this problem are the following:
    • Failing to keep the tyres properly inflated
    • Failing to keep the tyres balanced and aligned
    • Not rotating the tyres
  • Overheating engine – An overheated engine is most common during hot summer days. With extreme temperatures becoming more common, it is not surprising to experience an overheated engine. The good news is drivers can prevent such an issue with these simple steps:
    • Assessing and fixing leaks
    • Checking and topping the level of the coolant
    • Turning down the air-conditioning
  • Oil Changes – Neglecting to regularly change the car’s oil causes sludging. What was supposed to be a small and inexpensive car service has resulted in a costly repair that could total hundreds of dollars.  
  • Worn brake rotors – Having the brake malfunction can happen even without signs. Brake pads commonly cause this issue. This car part is exposed to friction and is responsible for slowing down the vehicle when the brake is stepped on. With the pads worn down, the brake rotor is subjected to more heat caused by friction which could result in faster wearing. This problem is typically more common in urban areas where there are repeated stop and start instances, in comparison to more rural roads and highways.

Which Cars Brands  Have The Least Maintenance Problems?

For car owners who hate or just don’t have the time to tend to regular visits to an auto shop for a car inspection, there are car models and brands that promise the least maintenance needs. These are among cars that require less maintenance or when it does, car inspection costs would not put a dent in the wallet:

  • Toyota 
  • Mitsubishi
  • Alfa Romeo
  • Range Rover
  • Mercedes
  • BMW
  • Honda 
  • Subaru

What Happens If The Car Key Battery Dies?

Preventing car problems requires a couple of actions. The great thing about investing in your car’s health is it decreases the chances of finding oneself in the middle of nowhere and a malfunctioning car. Our expert mechanics recommend doing these things to prevent common car problems:

  • Regularly check the tyres – The tyre regularly making contact with the road can cause several problems. A bald tyre can cause blowouts out of nowhere. The good thing is it could be prevented with some simple steps. Using a pressure gauge allows the driver to have a snapshot of the tyre’s condition. The tyre pressure should match the manufacturer’s recommended level, which can be easily seen in the manual. It is also best to double-check the tyre treads and the overall state of the tyres. When there’s something unusual with its form or how drives have been, it is best to visit a trusted Northern Beaches mechanic after refueling the air at your local servo.
  • Check the fluids – Most car owners and drivers usually do not mind the fluids enabling the vehicle to move. However, having fresh, properly levelled fluid plays a significant role in ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience. The brake fluid, radiator fluid and other oils should be checked every time taking the vehicle for a drive, regardless of whether it is a short or long journey.
  • Drive sensibly – How drivers use the car impacts the overall state of the vehicle. While regular maintenance is a must, it also helps that the driver takes good care of how he steers or brakes. Driving smoothly lessens the stress experienced by the vehicle, thus reduces the chances of experiencing problems.
  • Act promptly – When signs of leaks or the brake pad malfunctions, it is best to bring the car immediately to a trusted Mona Vale mechanic. Immediate repairs prevent simple issues from developing into bigger and more costly repairs.
  • Routine vehicle inspections – We are not talking about bringing the car weekly to a mechanic. Simply checking fluids, tyres, and the vehicle’s body can help detect possible issues and have them resolved when it is still in its early stages. You should book your car in for a service at least once every 10,000 kms or 6 months.

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