Brake Service Duffys Forest

Duffys Forest is a Sydney suburb located in the city’s Northern Shore region. When its residents need a trusted, expert mechanic, they turn to us at Peninsula Auto Clinic. We are a family-run business based in Mona Vale and have been serving the suburbs of Sydney for more than 25 years with every vehicle repair service they need including brake service and repair.

The Best Brake Mechanic in Duffys Forest

Our team is composed of brake mechanics who have gathered enough experience and knowledge on addressing the needs of every vehicle type, make and brand in the more than two decades we have been in the business. Those experiences are an additional benefit given that our brake specialists underwent all the needed training and internship to receive their license to legally work on repairing and servicing cars and other vehicles in NSW.

Brake Service

How does a brake service differ from a brake repair? A brake service involves our brake mechanics doing a thorough inspection of a car or any other type of vehicle to ensure that its braking system is functioning properly. Our brake service process involves our mechanics inspecting any defects or faulty parts within the brake system. We then proceed to clean and lubricate the rear drum and the disc brakes. Our brake mechanics also inspect the brake fluid and brake pad and make the necessary refill and replacements when needed. Aside from safety, brake service is important as it reduces the noise heard when applying the brakes and ensure that the brake system will last for a long time. To know more about car brake repair cost and how it compares to the cost associated with brake service, read more about it on our blog post “Brake Service – Everything You Need To Know!

Brake Fluid Replacement

Regular brake fluid replacement is a must for every car or any other vehicle type. This fluid plays an essential role in making sure that the system works as it should when the driver steps on that brake pedal. Our brake specialists recommend that a brake fluid service every 12 to 36 months to ensure proper braking when needed. Our team of brake mechanics discussed more brake fluids in a dedicated blog post.

Brake Pad Repair

Like the brake fluid, brake pads are also integral in a fully functioning brake system. The regularly serviced brake pad also helps the car or any vehicle stop almost instantly after pressure is applied to the brake pedal. A good way of taking good care of the brake pad is having it replaced every 25,000 kilometres. However, it could be earlier if the brake pad has been pulsating and that tends to take the vehicle to one side when applying the brake. We talked about other parts of the car that needs routine servicing in our blog post “What Needs To Be Serviced In A Car Service?

Call a Local Brake Specialist for a Routine Service Now!

Prevention is always the best. It does not only save vehicle owners money. It also reduces the chances of them getting caught in an accident that may endanger their life. For a dependable, professional and honest brake service in Duffys Forest, contact Peninsula Auto Clinic through our website or call us at 9999 2553 right now!