Brake Service Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a popular getaway destination due to its renowned beaches and natural beauty. And when both locals and tourists find themselves with a need for brake service, they can count on Peninsula Auto Clinic for an instant, talented mechanic.

We are a reliable local mechanic that has been serving Palm Beach for over 25 years. We offer a full range of services including car battery replacement, clutch service, and brake pad replacement.

Brake Service in Palm Beach

It is best to take precaution than find oneself in the middle of nowhere with a faulty brake. To avoid this from happening, it is best to have a regular car service. But for additional comfort, it is best to work only with a brake specialist who knows what they do to prevent more issues coming up.

What is Brake Service?

A brake service keeps any car owner at peace. It is a routine check-up on any kind of vehicle to ensure that it has a properly working brake The frequency of a brake service depends on the recommendation of the car manufacturer but it is usually done after 8000 – 11,000km or every 4-6 months.

Benefits of a Brake Service Done by a Brake Specialist

Aside from a safer ride, there are other advantages offered by a regular check on the vehicle’s brake system. One, it gives the brake system a longer lifespan. Every visit to a brake mechanic allows him to check whether there are faulty parts within the system. Keeping it in tiptop shape will allow the braking system to work as it is intended, without the need for it to work overtime and under pressure. A preventive measure also decreases the need for any vehicle owner to spend more when the break goes faulty and needs a brake repair

How is a Brake Service Done in Palm Beach?

Our expert brake mechanics perform a thorough check when a vehicle is brought to use for a routine check. First, we check the disc brake by removing the pads and the clippers to clean and then lubricate them to prevent rust and friction. Next, our brake mechanics work on the rear drum. If there is a need, we replace brake pads and brake fluid. The former needs replacing every 25,000 kilometres recorded by a vehicle. For brake fluid replacement, our experts advise our customers to have it checked and replaced every 12 to 36 months.

Expert, Honest Brake Mechanic in Palm Beach

Palm Beach residents and visitors need not worry if they found themselves needing an expert brake mechanic. However, it is best to take preventive measure and have a brake mechanic regularly check a vehicle. For fast, honest brake service, call Peninsula Auto Clinic now!