Pink Slips Elanora

Elanora Heights is a northern Sydney suburb about 27 kilometres away from the Sydney central business district. Car owners in this residential suburb rely on Peninsula Auto Clinic for car services and repairs they need. Locals continue to trust us due to our capable licensed mechanics. All have the experience and knowledge to attend to any car issue, including the issuance of pink slips. They are also committed to ensuring that every car they repair is safe to be driven.

The Best Northern Beaches Mechanic in Elanora

A motor vehicle repairer’s licence and good customer feedback are traits car owners should look for in a great mechanic. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, our team members have both qualities. Each holds a licence from NSW Fair Trading after completing the Certificate II in Automotive Studies and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology courses and an apprenticeship. These requirements give them the needed skills to attend to all vehicle inspection and repair types.

Pink Slip Inspection

An eSafety Check, more popularly known as a pink slip inspection, ensures that vehicles aged over five years old are roadworthy. A thorough inspection is carried out to vouch for the drivability of these cars. A qualified Northern Beaches mechanic is needed to perform the inspection and issue the certification of roadworthiness. This pink slip is a requirement for vehicle registration. It must be presented to the proper agency within six months.

What Goes in an eSafety Check Car Service?

Our mechanics follow a rigid car inspection procedure to ensure the roadworthiness of these cars. These are some of the things carried out by our Mona Vale mechanics:

  • Assessment of the vehicle’s body for any damages;
  • A brake efficiency test;
  • Inspection of the car’s electrical components, including the battery, headlights and dash lights;
  • Inspection of the brake system, including fluids;
  • Checks for possible fluid or oil leaks; and
  • Evaluation of tyre tread and quality.

The Cost of Car Inspection in NSW

In NSW, the average cost of a full car service is between $150 and $240. This estimated cost still depends on the type of service availed and the location of the auto shop. For a pink slip inspection, the price is impacted by the type of the vehicle and the mechanic’s location. A normal range for an eSafety Check cost is around $30 to $40.

Contact the Number One Mechanic in Elanora Now!

Car inspections and repairs should only be entrusted to an experienced and highly-trained mechanic. Their experience and knowledge assure that every car that goes through their hands are driveable, regardless of age and model. Contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now to have the best mechanic in Elanora issue your needed pink slips today!