Mona Vale Suspension Service

Mona Vale within the Northern Beaches might need a trusted Suspension Service at times. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, we are the suburbs best mechanical auto shop to rely on for suspension services. For locals living near Mona Vale Golf Club to Pittwater High School, we are the place to service the suspension.

The mechanics with us know how to manage all suspension systems after 25 years of experience. This means that we can service any car and ensure its suspension is correctly worked on. Repairing, replacing and testing the suspension are all involved in our suspension service for Mona Vale.

Qualified Mechanics Performing Suspension Services

Peninsula Auto Clinic promises that the mechanics performing the suspension service are all fully qualified and perfect for Mona Vale. When working on the suspension we will always practice safe work where each part is handled carefully. Our mechanics are trained to operate on suspension systems correctly and understand how each part should be worked on.

Important Suspension Service for any Car

Our mechanics guarantee that a suspension service will cost less than ignoring it. The potential of parts breaking will increase when a suspension service is not regularly performed. It is also more unsafe as the suspension could be failing and no one would know. That is why our mechanics will inspect the whole suspension system to look for defects.

Affordable & Prompt Suspension Services!

When undergoing a suspension service we will always correctly look over each part to ensure they work correctly. Suspension fluids are topped up to small repairs are done on the suspension system. Having the service will increase the longevity of the system while ensuring a safer and smoother drive. Each mechanic works on the suspension system swiftly to also guarantee that the service is completed on time.

Detailed Qualifications of our Suspension Repair Experts

Years of building up our qualifications is one reason locals always choose us for their “car suspension check near me.” Each holds an NSW mechanic licence from NSW Fair Trading. Their licence guarantees that each has completed the Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology courses. They have also undergone an apprenticeship to gain necessary real-life mechanic work experience. In NSW, an apprenticeship program usually lasts between three to four years. These requirements also ensure that they have the experience and knowledge to attend to any car service and repair, including suspension check ups. Apart from car suspension repair and service, our team members also specialise in other car services and repairs, including car battery replacement, automatic transmission service and pink slip inspections.

Importance of Suspension Check Up

The shock absorbers, tires and springs are among the parts that compose the vehicle’s suspension system. Together, these components play a vital role in keeping the road wheel in contact with the road. The system also protects the whole vehicle, as well as its passengers and cargo, from wear. Having a properly working car suspension also helps in achieving the following:

  • Reduced shock force effects on the car;
  • Control the vehicle’s direction while driving;
  • Support the vehicle’s weight;
  • Maintain correct wheel alignment at all times; and
  • Maintain the right vehicle height while driving.

When to Get a Car Suspension Check?

A healthy suspension system is vital in enjoying every drive. Even with regular car inspections, there are instances where the car suspension will break despite routine inspections. A rough ride is a common sign of a malfunctioning suspension system. The driver and his passengers experience this sign when the car bounces every time it stops. The driver and his passengers may also experience the car lunging forward when this system is defective. Car owners may also want to try doing the “bounce test” to check irregularities in the car suspension. This car suspension check involves pushing down the front and the back of the vehicle. A bounce that is more than two to three times should alert the owner that there is something wrong with the suspension. Other signs that a visit to a suspension repair shop is needed include oily or damaged shocks and uneven tyre treads.

The Cost of Car Suspension Repair and Service in NSW

The cost of a car suspension check or a shock repair is a common reason why car owners never regularly bring their vehicles for a check-up. However, a car suspension repair or a suspension check up helps prevent accidents. Given that it is not a task that can be shelved, knowing how much one would spend help. In NSW, a full car service costs around $150 to $240. This estimated cost can either go upward or downward. The suspension repair shop’s location and replacements needed are several factors that impact costs. This estimated amount should be more or less the same expense car owners should expect to shell out.

Expert and Trusted Suspension Service

The Suspension Service our mechanics here at Peninsula Auto Clinic performs for Mona Vale is the most trusted. We are experienced and licensed mechanics who understand how to correctly service every suspension system. No matter the car or type of suspension, our mechanics are guaranteed to be able to operate with them.

We will perform any job necessary to make certain the suspension is healthy and will work perfectly. Our mechanics also perform the service efficiently and safely, where the car is returned in the shortest possible time. All of Mona Vale can trust us to deliver the best suspension service offered to the locals.

Certified Suspension Service Mechanics for Mona Vale

Our mechanics are also specialized in performing Car Repair and Car Service work, the best for Mona Vale. We also recommended reading our blog ‘car tuneup – how it works’ to understand how the fuel and ignition system benefit from this service. For all of Mona Vale Peninsula Auto Clinic is the best at performing a suspension service – email us now at!