Vehicle Inspections Warriewood

Warriewood is a northern suburban neighbourhood that sits 26 kilometres away from the central business district of Sydney. It is a residential suburb that is home to about 

The suburb is one of the many neighbourhoods in Sydney Peninsula Auto Clinic serves. Composed of a team of fully qualified licensed and insured mechanics, we are committed to providing professional high-quality car repair and maintenance services, including vehicle inspections, to vehicle owners in the area.

A Trusted Northern Beaches Mechanic

A well-maintained vehicle ensures that every trip will not result in a breakdown in the middle of the road or freak accident. We, at Peninsula Auto Clinic, offer a mechanic inspection to make sure that each part of the car or any kind of vehicle is performing at its tip-top shape. As a family-run business, we make sure that every dollar spent on any car inspection is worth it. Our licensed and insured mechanics make sure that they do a thorough inspection and be transparent with needed repairs and replacements with our clients.

Car Inspection

A normal car inspection at Peninsula Auto Clinic involves our mechanics going through every part of the vehicle. It means we cover everything – from those under the hood, the car body, parts located under the vehicle and the interior of the car. Our car mechanics check the tyre, exhaust system, car engine, battery, seat belts and electrical wiring inside the car. According to our expert Northern Beaches mechanics, a car inspection should be done at least every 10,000-15,000km or once a year

Cost of a Vehicle Inspection

The cost of a car inspection depends on what type of inspection is needed for the vehicle. A minor inspection comprises smaller repairs and maintenance tasks like ensuring the integrity of the tyre and replacing essential fluids in the car. A major car inspection involves the mechanic going through the car battery, brakes, engine, spark plugs and filters plus those things done in a minor inspection. The average car service cost in Sydney ranges between $150 and $240. For a more detailed breakdown, a timing belt service can see car owners spending around $500-1,000, those who want a clutch service can expect to pay about $50 to $2,000 depending on the needed repairs and those who want an engine service should be prepared to pay between $150 and $300.

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Car service does not only prevent unnecessary expenses in case of a breakdown. It also ensures that the driver and his passengers are safe from any harm that could result from an unmaintained car. For a trusted name in vehicle inspection, call Peninsula Auto Clinic right now!