What Does a Pink Slip Service Include?

Our mechanics recommend a regular car service to ensure all car components are properly functioning. We recommend these routine visits to the auto shop for vehicles five years old and above. The reason behind this is that these cars are prone to breakdowns. Several factors come to play, but most are due to aging components.

In New South Wales, all cars aged five and above are required to undergo an eSafety Check to check their roadworthiness. This car inspection is a requirement before registering an over five-year-old vehicle. Apart from registration purposes, this vehicle inspection also assures the owner that it is safe to drive.

What Happens in a Pink Slip Car Inspection?

What Does A Pink Slip Service Include

But how do mechanics guarantee that a more-than-five-year-old car is roadworthy? At Peninsula Auto Clinic, our pink slip inspection sees our Mona Vale mechanic going through every bit and piece of the car. Checking every component of the vehicle allows our mechanics to determine whether it is safe for travel, it needs repair, or any of its parts need replacing. The following processes are what our mechanics observe when assessing the condition of a vehicle:

Replacing of the Engine Oil & Filter 

Engine oil and filter need regular replacement to ensure a properly functioning engine. This fluid reduces friction and wear on the engine’s moving parts. It also cleans sludge and varnish away from the engine. The engine oil also neutralises acids from the fuel and the oxidation of lubricants.   

In our pink slip inspections, our mechanics make sure that every car that their hands has its engine oil and filter replaced. Our Northern Beaches mechanics do this because the engine oil is exposed to internal combustion and microscopic coke particles accumulated during operation.

Checking the Condition of the Front & Rear Brakes

The car’s brake system is responsible for stopping a moving vehicle. A properly working front and rear brakes help make every drive safe. It also offers significant savings on repair costs and provides the system with a longer lifespan. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, our mechanics conduct various assessments on the car brake, including:

  • Check the disc brake;
  • Inspect the state of the rear drum;
  • Assess the state of the brake pad; and
  • Check the level of the brake fluid.

Checking the Exhaust System 

The exhaust system reduces exhaust noise and allows the exhaust gases to exit the engine. The engine produces several harmful substances while in motion. Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and nitrogen monoxide are among these gases. A fully functioning exhaust system will ensure that these gases are cleaned and safely expelled from the vehicle.

Checking Tyre Pressure & Other Factors Affecting Its Performance 

The tyre is one of the most important parts of the vehicle. It needs to be always in its optimal state to avoid accidents. During a mechanic inspection, our team ensures that they have the right pressure. We also assess other factors affecting its performance, including tyre quality and tyre tread.

Checking the Cooling System & Its Hoses 

The cooling system and its hoses help cool the engine. It also keeps things warm enough to achieve efficient, clean operation. This system is composed of the radiator, fans and thermostat valves, among other parts. By checking the state of these components, our team assures car owners that they won’t find themselves with an overheating vehicle in the middle of nowhere.

Checking Battery Fluid & the Battery’s Overall Condition 

No roadworthy car is without a dependable battery. Our mechanics check several things when assessing the state of the car battery. But they foremost ensure that there are no cracks, leaking or swelling in the car battery. These signs are often indicators of a malfunctioning car battery, or that it would need replacement soon.

Checking the Lights, Wipers & Other Components 

We also check other small parts of the vehicle, including wipers, interior lights, and headlights. These components are mostly overseen and rarely checked. We inspect the state of these components as they also play a significant role in safe drives and making trips more comfortable.

Checking the Steering & Suspension Components 

Bumpy rides are non-existent with a well-maintained suspension system. This car component helps reduce the effect shock forces on the vehicle, maintain correct wheel alignment and ensure that tyres are always in contact with the road while moving. The suspension system also prevents drifting when turning, dips when stopping and damage to the shock absorbers. 

Road Testing the Vehicle

After inspecting each part of the vehicle, a test drive should be next on the list. A little road test will allow our mechanics to determine whether the vehicle’s different systems are functional. It also allows them to feel and assess the need for further repair or replacement.

What Happens If My Vehicle Fails the Inspection?

Once our mechanics have completed the assessment, cars deemed roadworthy will be issued a pink slip. Those vehicles that failed the inspection will need to undergo the recommended repair or have the affected part replaced. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, we also offer car repair services. Our team can have a car running at the tip-top shape to not only pass the eSafety Check but also be drivable across NSW.

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Car owners looking for a trusted and skilled mechanic should check us at Peninsula Auto Clinic. We have the most qualified mechanics on this side of NSW. All have met the requirements set by law and NSW Fair Trading. They have undergone the required courses, Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology and Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology. They have also gained real-world mechanic work experience under the supervision of a licensed mechanic. The more than four years they spent completing these requirements assures our customers that they can do all car inspections and repairs on all vehicle types. To experience why we are the number one mechanic across Sydney, contact Peninsula Auto Clinic now!