How Long Does A Car Battery Last?

car battery will most times last a few years for most car owners. However, depending on how much the car is driven, the way the car is driven and other factors determine how long the battery will last. When the car battery begins to become flat there are signs to look out for that suggest a service is needed. Here at Peninsula Auto Clinic, our mechanics will perform professional car battery replacement services for all Northern Beaches locals.

How Long Does A Car Battery Last

For a correctly installed and well-maintained car battery, they will on average last 3 to 5 years. Car batteries come fully charged when installed then will eventually run out of power and will need replacing. After 3 years a mechanic should test the battery to determine whether it needs replacing or it can keep working for a while longer.

What is the Average Lifespan of a Car Battery?

The average lifespan of a car battery is from 3 to 5 years in most cars. Car batteries will last longer depending on the quality of the battery, how often the car is driven, the type of driving and also how well maintained the battery is. It is recommended that an inspection occurs after 3 years of the battery being installed. This is so a mechanic can determine whether the battery needs to be replaced or if it can still run reliably. 

How Do I Know if the Car Battery Needs Replacing?

The main signs to look out for that indicate the car battery might need to be replaced are:

  • Slow start if the car takes longer to start then the battery being low in lower is likely the reason 
  • Leaks or corrosion – looking at the batteries for corrosion or if there is acid below the battery tray then the battery might need to be replaced as it is damaged
  • Sudden clicks or not starting – if turning the key results in a click noise and the car will not start then jump starting the car can help this but having a mechanic see what the issue is is important as it may be with the charging system or the battery itself
  • Strong odour – a strong smell from the car can be linked to Sulfuric acid leakage and the battery being damaged

How Does the Car Battery Run Out of Power?

The main causes of a flat battery and it needing to be replaced are:

  • Excessive discharge all batteries will discharge slowly when they are not in use which is normal. Deeper cycle batteries are built to last longer and discharge more slowly. Batteries in cars are not like this as they are starting batteries as they are intended for short bursts of power and then the alternator will work to keep the battery charged. Batteries in cars should not discharge below 80% because if they do they will struggle to power the car. A recharge or jump start may help with this issue.
  • Temperature and climate – extreme cold and hot temperatures can lead to the battery’s life shortening. Standard lead acid batteries will in hot weather corrode more easily which can shorten the lifespan of the battery. Cold weather can also lead to the battery struggling to start the car and over time the charge of the battery can be low leading to a shortened lifespan.
  • Vibration – if the car is driven over bumpy roads and uneven ground then the vibrations of the car can lead to battery damage. The connections of the battery can become loose while parts of the battery might deteriorate quicker than usual. 
  • Bad maintenance – most batteries of today’s cars are maintenance free but if the exterior components of the battery are not maintained or cleaned properly then corrosion and other issues can develop and lead to a flat battery.
  • Shorter car trips shorter drives that frequently occur will cause more damage to the battery than longer trips. Each trip will result in a small discharge and the alternator will not have enough time to properly restore the charge. This will over time lead to the battery slowly draining and it becoming flat sooner.

How do I Properly Maintain My Car Battery?

To ensure the car battery can be as healthy as possible for the longest of time is to:

  • Turn off all accessories, such as lights and the car radio, when the car is not in use to prevent them from draining the battery
  • Drive the car every once in a while if it does not get driven often for the battery to be in use
  • Every month inspect the battery, the terminals and the connections. Looking for signs of corrosion or damage can mean the battery can be repaired sooner than later when an issue could have developed

What is the Average Cost of a Car Battery Replacement?

The average price of a car battery replacement is approximately $100 to $150 and for premium battery replacements from $175 to $450. The type of vehicle, the size of the vehicle, the type of battery and how difficult the job may be will influence the price of the vehicle battery replacement service. 

Professional Car Battery Replacement Services

Peninsula Auto Clinic delivers the best car battery replacement services on the Northern Beaches. Our fully qualified mechanics will perform the car battery replacement service reliably, expertly and on time. We also offer Car Service and Car Repair work to all Northern Beaches locals, including ClarevilleBayview and Avalon. For professional car battery replacement services rely on Peninsula Auto Clinic located here on 7 Perak Street, Mona Vale!