Vehicle Inspections Narrabeen

Narrabeen car owners trust only Peninsula Auto Clinic whenever they need the most essential car repair and maintenance services including vehicle inspections. We are a family-owned and operated business committed to providing high-quality auto repairs and world-class customer service. We offer a wide range of car services including brake repairs, car air conditioning repair and car battery replacement.

Thorough Car Inspection in Narrabeen

A car or any kind of vehicle should undergo regularly scheduled inspections to ensure that all its parts are working properly and will not endanger the driver and his passengers. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, our team of NSW Fair Trading-certified mechanics perform a thorough assessment and present an honest evaluation to car owners. It is our way of making sure that every car owner understands the state of their car and why repairs or replacements should be made when necessary. 

Car Inspection

A car inspection is vital to ensure the safety of the driver and his passengers. This checkup involves a mechanic going through every part of the car to check for integrity and needed repairs. At Peninsula Auto Clinic, a vehicle inspection sees our certified mechanics going through every major part of the vehicle. We have divided the vehicle into different sections including those under the car, under the hood, the car body and the interior. 

When to Have a Vehicle Inspection

A car service should be done regularly. It does not only provide comfort that each ride will be a smooth sailing one, but also that the car owner will spend less on unexpected repairs when the car breaks down. Our mechanics recommend that a mechanic inspection be done every 10,000 kilometres or yearly for minor car service. For major vehicle inspections, a car should be brought to us for every 30,000 kilometres driven or every three years.

Cost of a Mechanic Inspection

Having a car service could cost an owner between $150 and $240 depending on the type of service, the severity of repair and the service rate of the mechanics doing the car inspection. For example, a wheel alignment service will see the car owner spend about $50 to $150 depending on the size of the vehicle. Those who want to have their car undergo engine inspection should be ready to shell out $150 to $300. However, this estimate for an engine service can get pretty high due to the severity of the needed repairs or replacements. Vehicles that are due for an air conditioning service will see owners spend an estimated $120 to $1,400.

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Car owners should always ensure that their vehicle is in tip-top shape at all times. A regularly maintained vehicle gives owners and those using it peace of mind that they are safe whenever using the car. Call Peninsula Auto Clinic right now to experience why locals in the Narrabeen area trust us with their vehicle inspections today!